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Big Data/IoT

machine learning

Machine Learning







Big Data/IoT

Our Big Data architectures are highly distributed and scalable. They have been tested and validated on real-world applications with high velocity and large volume data streams. We are always on the edge of innovation, using the latest technologies.

We build reliable architectures for either real-time or delayed data processing pipelines.

Machine Learning

We deploy machine learning at scale to deliver high-value insights from your data and help you create next-generation products.

From the latest trends in Deep Learning to large scale recommendation systems, we keep up with the field and its ever-evolving challenges.


With Blockchain technologies, we create secure and reliable building blocks for our products.

Distributed Ledgers are not one size fits all. That's why we work with both public and private blockchains to best tailor solutions to your high availability, security, and privacy requirements.


To enhance user experience, we propose high-quality native applications for both iOS and Android.

We use reliable open source technologies to offer you the power of a native application with the development speed of a javascript framework. One code base to run them all!


The power of Docker coupled with that of Kubernetes allows us to guarantee immutable infrastructure working everywhere! With Gitlab pipeline, deployments are as fast as a button click.

We can host projects on our cloud infrastructure (AWS or Google Compute Engine). Our architectures are also deployable on a private Cloud or Bare Metal.

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